Apple unveiled a 16-inch MacBook that is all new. This 16-inch MacBook Pro is designed for developers, scientists, photographers, filmmakers, music producers, and anyone else who relies on a Mac for creating the best works of their lives. Its 16-inch Retina Display is brilliant, and it features 8-core processors, up to a huge 64GB of memory, graphics that are next generation with as much as 8GB of VRAM, as well as a new thermal design that is advanced. All these features add up to the MacBook Pro with the most power yet.

Largest Retina Display
Pros enthuse over the brilliant 500 nit Retina display. Its resolution is 3072×1920, with a higher pixel density at 226 PPI. The display delivers almost 6 million pixels for a more immersive experience in front of the screen. Each display has been individually factory calibrated for accurate white point, gamma, and primary colors.

Magic Keyboard
This MacBook Pro also features a new way to key in data: the new Magic Keyboard with its refined scissor mechanism delivering 1mm of travel along with a stable key feel. There is also an Apple-designed dome of rubber that stores potential energy for responsive key presses. This keyboard is comfortable, satisfying, and offers a new and quiet typing experience.

Advanced Thermal Design
This feature enables the 16-inch MacBook Pro to run at high levels of power for longer periods of time. A sophisticated fan design that features an impeller that is larger with extended blades and bigger vents all adds up to a 28% increase in airflow. The heat sink is also 35% larger, which allows for a significantly greater amount of heat dissipation than ever before. These advancements in the cooling capacity permit this notebook to sustain as much as 12 more watts than the previous design during intensive workloads.

Processors and Memory
Users might be editing video from multiple cameras, doing 3D animation, or compiling code; with these activities and more, MacBook Pro users require pro-level computing power that can be taken on the go. For a performance that is blazing fast, 6- and 8-core 9th-generation processors that are assisted with Turbo Boost deliver speeds up to 2.1 faster than the previous incarnation, the quad-core 15-inch MacBook.