As far as Apple and its line of products are concerned – the iPhone and iPad in particular – 2019- were pretty boring and predictable. There were minor improvements and features Apple unveiled during their iPhone release in the fall of last year. However, as always seems to be the case with Apple, quiet years turn into spectacular next years! 

This year, the company is expected to set new tech trends with the unveiling of its iPhone 12 release in the areas of 5G, smartphone design, and 3D camera-depth. 

Now, the following information can not be guaranteed as Apple has not unveiled its new iPhone as of yet, and as fans of the company know, they are very secretive about their upcoming products – they always like to deliver an air of technological unpredictability at their iPhone releases. 

That being said, the following features and information regarding the iPhone 12 are based on expert predictions, insider testimonials, and actions taken last year by Apple Inc. itself. At the very least, the following predictions give iPhone fans a little appetizer of what they can expect to see during the unveiling of the iPhone 12. 

Release Date
Speaking of the ‘unveiling,’ when is the iPhone 12 expected to be released? Apple has not announced a date as of yet, but if they follow the same pattern as they have in previous years, then the release could be somewhere around the second week of September 2020. 

Last year, Apple released its iPhone 11 on September 10, which was on a Tuesday. If they choose to follow suit this year, the release would be on Tuesday, September 8. 

iPhone 12 Name
Up until 2017, Apple used sequential numbers for its iPhone lines. After 2017, however, they started to add names to those numbers mainly to separate models in the same series based on particular features. 

For example, last year the company had three variations of its iPhone 11 and so had three names for each model:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

Based on last years names, insiders believe that Apple might use the following name sequences for its iPhone 12 series:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

Experts and insiders also feel that the company may have separate names for its iPhone models and its smaller variations (i.e., iPhone SE 2, iPhone 9).

iPhone 12 Design
The rumor is that Apple might bring an all-new design to its upcoming iPhone 12 series. Unlike the rounded square-edged body the iPhones have sported in the past, the iPhone 12 series might showcase square edges this time around. What is more, some experts are saying that these new square designs will also be in conjunction with notch-less displays. 

iPhone 12 Display
While on the subject of the display, it is expected that the new iPhone 12 models will all have OLED displays. Last year, only the iPhone 11 pro models showcased OLED displays while the basic model sported an LCD. 

There is also some speculation that Apple will change its display sizes for its iPhone 12 rollout. In particular, the display sizes are expected to measure as follows: 

  • 5.42-inch
  • 6.06-inch
  • 6.67-inch

Another rumor is that this year’s series will have a 120Hz refresh rate.

iPhone 12 Camera
Will the new iPhone 12 have 3D-depth cameras as part of its new set of features? Many insiders believe so, and the reason they do is that Apple seems to want to improve its AR capabilities for its upcoming models. 

The iPhone 12 is also expected to provide better night-mode capabilities and a possible quad-camera with ToF sensor but only on the Pro Max version of its iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12 Hardware/Software
The most anticipated move by Apple for its upcoming iPhone 12 release is the inclusion of 5G connectivity. 

Apparently, Apple considers a 5G option as a necessity and not a luxury, so this particular information appears to be more of a certainty than just a rumor. Of other interest, the iPhone 12 series should also include two hardware chips, A14 and U1, which will provide better sharing and location capabilities. 

Last Year vs. This Year
The iPhone 11, while solid and sturdy, was a ‘bore’ for many of its users. This year, however, it seems that Apple has drawn from customer feedback and is making some riskier moves to provide them with some more excitement. 

If the rumors, speculations, and predictions are true, iPhone users should see more changes in the iPhone 12 series, including but not limited to 5G connectivity, a sleeker design, and better camera resolution and capabilities.