If you’re like most MacBook owners, you’ll want some accessories to extend its usability and perhaps express your personality. Here are four accessories to consider.

Card Reader
For under $12, the Vanja Card Reader allows you to connect an SD or MicroSD card to your MacBook to access any content that might be on those cards. Although some people have used a workaround in which they insert a card into their phones or a similar device and connect those to their computers, this is a cumbersome workaround. A card reader like this one that has both USB-C and USB 2.0 ports promise to transfer information lightning quick, too.

It should come as no surprise that so many people recommend another Apple product to go with your MacBook. AirPods allow you to enjoy music or videos without bothering others. You can log into meetings for work and school, and the AirPods allow you to adjust the microphone for each side separately. Two versions are available, one that charges via Lightning cable and one that comes with a charging dock.

Storage Case
The sleek profile of the MacBooks means you can easily slip it into envelope-style sleeves to protect the finish from scratches during travel and when it’s not in use. AmazonBasics offer an affordable option made from soft felt material. However, you can also go the other way and opt for a hardshell case to provide the utmost protection for your MacBook. One option by Incase is made from a tough polycarbonate that’s coated in a soft and durable fabric known as Woolenex. These options cost more, but they protect more.

External Battery Pack
The only thing better than a 100-watt external battery pack that can quickly charge your MacBook is a 100-watt external battery pack that can charge your MacBook and two more devices. Thanks to a standard USB port and one USB-C port, you can do just that with the mophie powerstation AC External Battery Pack. With its capacity of 22,000 mAh, this battery pack can recharge your MacBook and phone multiple times before needing a charge itself. That capacity also makes it the perfect accessory for extended travel.