A laptop is an essential piece of technology because it allows you to be productive from nearly any location. While computer technology is constantly being upgraded, it is much more cost-effective for the consumer to use the same computer for several years. The only way to do this is by preventing it from getting damaged. A laptop with external or internal damage will eventually stop working properly over time. These are the four best ways to prevent long-term laptop damage.

Use Protective Accessories
There are a number of different accessories you can add to a laptop to protect it from damage, including keyboard covers and screen protectors. It is also a good idea to always use a cover or case when taking the laptop out of the home. In addition to making it easier to transport the laptop, a cover or case will also protect the computer if it is accidentally dropped. 

Buy Insurance or Warranty Plans
Every major electronic item comes with a manufacturer’s warranty when it is purchased. You can also purchase an extended insurance plan from the store selling the laptop. Buying the additional insurance plan is a good idea because most manufacturer’s warranties only last for a short period of time. These plans will cover just about every aspect of the laptop. If it gets damaged or starts to malfunction, then the laptop will be repaired for no cost.

Be Smart When Using Laptop
Smartly using the laptop will go a long way in keeping it protected from long-term damage. Always keep the laptop stored in a clean environment. Prevent kids from using the laptop unsupervised. Do not keep any drinks nearby to avoid accidental spills. It is also very important to avoid visiting unknown or risky websites when browsing the internet. 

Install Security Software
If you happen to end up on a potentially risky website, the only way to keep the laptop protected is by having security software installed. These programs detect and stop threats before they can infect the laptop. It is much easier to stop the computer from getting infected than it is to remove the malicious program afterward. Antivirus and anti-malware programs can be directly downloaded onto any laptop after they are purchased.