The average lifespan of a laptop is around five years. As a computer gets older, we may not always notice that it has developed issues. It slows down gradually. It makes a noise it didn’t before. Many people like to ignore the strange new sounds their older cars make, so it’s common to hope for the best when a laptop does the same. Here are some warning signs that a laptop is nearing the end of its lifespan. There may be solutions other than replacing it.

Slow Performance
Malware is a serious cause of slowed computer speed. It’s essential to run security on a laptop to prevent infection. Another cause of sluggishness can be fixed by emptying the recycle bin, downloads, or other data areas. These can get gummed up with extraneous files. Uninstall programs that have become unnecessary or obsolete.

New Noises
Is it the fan, the sound system, or the hard drive itself? Online help can troubleshoot these. Exterior add-on devices can buy some time. Professional computer repair services can solve problems, too.

Pop-ups and Error Messages
These may be another sign that malware has infected a computer. Older systems that have lost company support can cause these issues. Ad-on extensions from games, social media, etc., can slow down a computer with pop-ups as well. Sometimes all you need to do is uninstall and reinstall a program. This clears it out and resets its systems.

Unexpected Changes To Settings
If the desktop shows new icons or settings suddenly shift for no reason, the laptop may have developed a malware infection. It may be a normal program making changes to accommodate new updates. Reset your settings and run dependable malware protection. Be aware of recently added programs that are making changes that you’re not used to.

Frustrating Broken Systems and Workarounds
Does it have a broken USB port? Clogged memory? Has technical support ended? As each problem develops, we often try to work around them. As more and more workarounds become necessary, this becomes counterproductive and frustrating. Getting it serviced at a computer shop can make a big difference. Watching for sales on laptops can solve the problems, too.