Refurbished electronics are previously owned devices that have been fixed up to look or function like new. It can be an excellent way to get high-quality technology at budget prices. However, those who want to get good deals need to shop carefully and avoid selecting faulty devices. Here are some tips for identifying refurbished electronics that will last for years.

Know When to Shop
Unlike brand new items, the best deals on refurbished goods usually are not during holiday events like Black Friday. Instead, the best deals tend to happen when companies have a surplus of refurbished items they need to get rid of. Shopping at the end of the school year or after Christmas can result in some particularly impressive refurbished electronic deals.

Make Sure to Get a Warranty
Since refurbished products have gone through a lot, it is impossible to tell how well they will perform until a person can actually use them at home for at least a few days. Therefore, it is important to select products that come with a warranty. Typically, longer warranties are better, but buyers will need at least a 30-day warranty to give them enough time to notice defects. 

Choose Trusted Retailers
The person doing the refurbishment makes a huge difference in the overall quality of the product. It is possible that a small electronic resale store operating out of someone’s basement might provide a high-quality refurbishment, but quality can be uneven. Sticking to well-known electronic brands can ensure that a refurbishment meets certain standards. Make sure to pick retailers that offer a lengthy return policy and provide cash back instead of just store credit. This will help buyers protect themselves in case there is something wrong with the item.

Be Flexible With Cosmetic Damage
Most refurbished electronics sellers know that customers want products that look “like new.” Therefore, they tend to charge more for things like laptops with new cases or phones with new screens. Customers who want to save a lot of money should consider being open to refurbished items with visible damage like scratches. As long as these issues are just cosmetic, they can drive the price down without impairing performance.