For the remainder of 2019 and 2020, Apple is ready to release many exciting products. Each of them is highly sought after by consumers around the country. Here are a few of the releases people are most excited about.

TV+ Service
While Apple TV is already extremely popular, its new TV+ service is making it more so. For $4.99 per month, users get all the original movies and TV shows that Apple has created. Consumers are also looking forward to the new set-top box, which may have an A12 processor. It is rumored that both will hit store shelves in close proximity to each other.

Mac Pro
Before the end of 2019, consumers have been promised a new Mac Pro. This one will have RAM of as much as 1.5TB, as well as Xeon chips that max out at 28 cores. It is also set to include 2 Radeon PRO II Duo GPUs. It has eight expansion PCIe slots and a new design that regulates its maximum heat output. Also set to be released in 2019 is the Apple Pro Display XDR. It will have a 6K display, 32-inch, and a resolution of 6016 x 3384.

iPad Pro
The iPad Pro is rumored to be set for a release in late 2019. While the only known updates are updated cameras and processors, in 2020, Apple is likely releasing an even newer version of the already popular tablet.

iPhone 12
The iPhone 12 will make its debut in 2020. Rumors are that the new phone will have 5G wireless chips. A rear 3D camera is also expected to be included, leading to enhanced AR experiences for users. It may even be OLED, in an attempt for Apple to phase out LCD phones.

Smart Glasses
Apple is attempting to bring AR to its users with Smart Glasses. They are expected to have a built-in processor along with a new-reality operating system. Users will be able to access touch panels and enjoy a voice activation feature, as well as appropriate head gestures.

The HomePod is also expected to be updated in 2020. It is rumored to be less expensive than the current HomePad, with the downgrade being the audio quality that doesn’t quite measure up to the more expensive version.