This pro writing app eliminates distractions with its clean, minimal interface. Unlike a word processor, Ulysses isn’t crowded with formatting features that prevent users from exporting documents. Ulysses is ideal for authors, screenwriters, podcasters, and anyone who needs to focus on the words.

Once installed on a MacBook, Duet Display will transform a portable Apple or Android device into a second monitor. It’s invaluable for people who travel with a laptop and iPad. Duet’s lag-free speed lets users stay productive across two screens.

Paprika Recipe Manager
Paprika is the smartest cooking software on the market. It synchronizes recipes and grocery lists across all devices–then it goes a step further. The app organizes grocery lists by aisle, includes built-in timers and conversions for recipes, and helps users create weekly and monthly meal plans.

Simple yet genius, this app tidies the desktop by storing drag-and-drop files, clipboard entries, and notes in one location. Unclutter keeps everything organized out of sight; users swipe down on the menu bar to reveal the app. 

GIMP–GNU Image Manipulation Program–is a free and open-source alternative to Photoshop. One can use the software to retouch photos, create and edit images, convert file formats, and much more. GIMP’s flexibility welcomes all manner of plug-ins and extensions.

Parallels Desktop
This handy software allows users to run Windows apps on a MacBook. It offers hardware virtualization so that when the app is closed, all Windows operating systems will disappear. Users can go back and forth between Windows and macOS without rebooting the computer.

Small business owners and prolific online shoppers will appreciate Deliveries. The app syncs tracking information from a wide range of websites and mail services. It pinpoints the location of each shipment and includes a daily countdown to its arrival.