Apple has been producing the popular iPhone since 2007. The initial iPhone, which began development in 2004, was only available with a 4-gigabyte memory size and an 8-gigabyte memory size. Nearly a year following the introduction of the first iPhone, Apple introduced the App Store. Since its debut, the iPhone has become one of the most popular phone models in the world and has garnered an immense amount of support from consumers. Now on its eighteenth model, the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone line has a rich history that has been forgotten by many.

Following a strong run of Apple’s popular iPod MP3 models, Apple predicted that MP3 players were becoming obsolete due to the growing capabilities of phones and music storage to phones. After developing a failed mobile phone design, the Rokr E1, Apple began to develop a touchscreen phone idea. In 2006, under the code name “Project Purple,” Apple placed its new mobile phone design as a priority within the company. The project was kept very quiet within the company and was eventually presented to audiences with plastic screen design. After numerous hours of development, several design considerations, and contact between a variety of stakeholders, the iPhone was reconstructed 11 days prior to its release using Gorilla Glass.

The Phones
The Apple iPhone has not only changed the way that phones are designed and utilized but has also changed the way that the internet is transferred through space. While the Blackberry phones were very popular for their capabilities at the time, the iPhone is the phone that revolutionized the technology sector. The initial iPhone only featured 2G connectivity but was offered with 3G connectivity the following year in the iPhone 3G.

FaceTime was introduced in the iPhone 4, which was presented to audiences at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2010. The following year, during WWDC 2011, the iPhone 4S was introduced with Siri and iCloud. The iPhone 4S debut came nine days after Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer. The iPhone 5 was introduced with a 4-inch screen, a screen longer than the previous iPhone screens by 0.5 inches, in 2012. The latest iPhone 11 debuted in late-2019 and has far more capabilities than the original iPhone could ever offer.