The days of taking your computer to the local computer fix-it store were practically a thing of the past by the early 2000s. Nowadays, most people are more likely to donate their broken computers to charity or just dump them in the trash and get a new one. The new Mack Pro is a different story because it’s known as one of the most repairable computers out there. Built to be repaired and released for sale in December of 2019, the Apple Mac Pro has been dubbed a “Fixmas Miracle.” 

Near-Perfect Repairability Score
Apple’s new Mac Pro was given a 9 out of 10 scores for repairability by iFixit, a global private company that sells repair parts and publishes repair manuals for various tech devices. Specialists were impressed with the way the computer was easy for practically anyone to open. All the parts inside can easily be replaced without the need for any tools or special expertise. Diagrams and step numbers from the repair manual are printed on the inner components for easy repairing.

This hasn’t been the case for most Apple devices, including iPhones and others. Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 11, only got a 6 out of 10 by iFixit when it was released for sale. Laptops by Apple that were released before the new Mac Pro haven’t scored very well either. For example, the MacBook Air was only rated 3 out of 10 for repairability, although it was highly rated for ease-of-use and outstanding features. 

Upgrades and Replacements
You will find it much easier to find replacement parts and make upgrades to your system with the Mac Pro. While Apple has official replacement parts of its own, more generic versions are much cheaper but still work perfectly. You will have more room to use third-party replacement parts and save money in the process. However, this isn’t true for all of the parts and accessories.

A new and interesting feature is the computer’s power-saving ability. There is a set of pogo pins at the bottom of the computer, just underneath the power button. When you remove the chassis, the machine automatically powers down. Apple’s new Mac Pro is most beneficial for individuals or businesses that want to keep their computer systems for a long period of time without spending too much on any needed repairs.